Registration Kaizen Tournament

Registration will be opened at April 1. 2022

If you are a member of a Dutch judo club, register at

If you are a member of a foreign judo club, register here.

Payment of registration fee
The registration fee is €15,00 for all categories

Your registration will only be valid after receiving payment. Please make payment when you submidet the registration form, but no later than 22 Mai 2022

Payment for Dutch judoka
Dutch judoka can register and pay the registration fee on the JBN website.

Payment for foreign judoka
Transfer the registration fee, by 22 Mai 2022 to:

IBAN account number: NL71 RABO 0127299831
in the name of 'Toernooicommissie Kaizen' in Echt, quoting the club name as it appears on the registration form.

Dutch judoka can transfer free of charge by 22 Mai at (Dutch judoka). International judoka can transfer here up to 22 Mai. Changes received by the organization after 22 Mai will not be processed. In this case, you will have to transfer at the Kaizen Tournament, as a participant. The costs for a weight transfer are € 5,00