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Mini Kaizen Tournament 2024

For the youngest participants (categories up to and including 12 years) we will organize the second Mini Kaizen tournament on January 7, 2024, the sister of the big Kaizen tournament. We think it is important to let the youngest participants participate in the Kaizen experience. The tournament will take place in the dojo of JC Hercules, which is located next to the sports hall where the large International Kaizen Tournament takes place. The maximum number of participants is 300, so register on time.

Mini Kaizen 2024 Nederlands

Mini Kaizen 2024 ENGLISH

International Kaizen Tournament 2024

We will again organize the International Kaizen Tournament in 2024. The tournament will take place over the Pentecoast weekend, on Saturday 18 May and Sunday 19 May 2024, followed by a training session on Monday 20 May. Make a note of this date.

An international judo event in the south of the Netherlands, which has built up a strong reputation in recent years. More than 900 judokas from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, Finland, Romania, Switzerland and Austria. You are most welcome next year as a participant, coach, supporter or sponsor at the 12th Kaizen Tournament. See you then.

Kaizen Tournament 2024 ENG

Kaizen Tournament 2024 GER

Kaizen Tournament 2024 Nederlands

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