Contest Rules

All contests during the Kaizen Tournament are judged according to the Judo Contest Rules, subject to the following points:

--8, -10, 12 years age category
Not permitted:
Aside from the prohibited actions as stated in the IJF's Contest Rules, the following are also not permitted:
- ‘Tomoe-nage’ and ‘hikomi-gaeshi’, and all forms of these techniques.
- ‘Ude-kansetsu-waza’ (arm lock techniques).
- ‘Shime-waza’ (choking techniques = strangling).
- ‘Ude-kansetsu-waza’ (triangular techniques).
- Executing a forward throw dropping to one or both knees, in both tachi-waza and ne-waza.
- Gripping the head without trapping an arm (wringing the neck), in both tachi-waza and ne-waza.
- Falling onto your opponent after a well-executed throw.

-15 years age category
Prohibited technique: Kansetsu-waza (arm lock technique).

-18 years and older categories
Shime-waza and Kansetsu-waza are permitted.

Blue judogis are permitted, but are not compulsory.

Prize ceremony: in white judogi

Contest system

Pool system, depending on the number of people who register. If there are fewer than 5 participants per pool, we may decide, as an organization, to merge pools. Age categories and/or weight classes will only be merged if necessary. In this event, we will give the participating judo clubs plenty of notice when we send out the weigh-in times. In some instances, we will contact the coaches of participating clubs beforehand.

The contest system is designed to enable each judoka to compete in at least two contests.
The contest durations are as follows:

  • judoka up to age -8, -10, -12: 2 minutes
  • judoka up to age 15: 3 minutes
  • judoka aged between 18 and 21: 4 minutes
  • seniors: 5 minutes

Information for coaches

During a contest, no more than one coach at a time may give directions to the judoka. To do this, the coach takes up a designated position. Coaches must conduct themselves in the proper manner and may not, under any circumstances, attempt to influence the referee. Coaches are identified by a coach’s wristband. Coach wristbands are issued once only, with participants’ weigh-in cards. Only people wearing a coach's wristband will be admitted to the hall. One coach's card will be issued for every 3 participants. The number of coach's cards issued to each club will not exceed the number of mats in the hall.